Ever Brite Color Path - Reviews Say this Outdoor Light Enhances the Look and Functionality of Your Home

Do you feel that the exterior of your house looks boring, and you are looking for ways that your house can stand out in a positive way, especially during the night? Ever Brite Color Path™ is the product that you will definitely want to consider adding to your home then. As seen on www.buycolorpath.com, the EverBrite ColorPath is an outdoor light that will definitely add not just functionality, but also looks to your home. To install the product, simply drive the product’s base into the ground. When it turns dark, the Ever Brite Color Path lights up automatically. Not only does this add lighting and improve visibility around your home, but the product can also switch to one of 8 different colors at the press of a button on the wireless remote. What this means is that you can set the Ever Brite Color Path lights to shine in a color that complements the current look of your home or to reflect the occasion or the season. A lot of reviews also love that the Ever Brite Color Path features its very own solar cell design which means that you do not have to worry about wiring and powering the product as the sun will do it for you. Also, the Ever Brite Color Path lights are weather proof so you can leave them outdoors and you are guaranteed that they will be able to withstand strong winds and rains or the high summer heat.

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