EZ Butter - The Easy Butter Cutter and Slicer that Will Take the Mess Out of Using Butter for Your Meals

Butter is a staple food ingredient on the table, and it used in various meals that people eat on a regular basis. Incorporating butter into meals can get messy though, as it can be quite hard to get off the fridge and slicing it can be a chore as it can get too soft and mushy depending on temperature, but not with the EZ Butter™. It is a specially designed butter slicer and cutter that will allow you to easily slice butter and apply it onto your food with ease and virtually no mess at all. To use, simply slide in your stick of butter into the EZButter and seal its top. To use, just squeeze on the EZ Butter and it gives you perfectly cut butter that is easy to spread, every time. EZ Butter can be stored in the fridge in order to keep butter fresh, and it is also dishwasher safe making it very convenient to clean. The tool is versatile as well as; you can also use it with fruits and vegetables like bananas, carrots, cucumber and many more. So for easy cutting of butter and other ingredients, getting the EZ Butter is simply the best way to go.

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