EZ Covers - These Slip On Chair Covers Transform Any Seat in 5 Minutes Or Less. Great for Kitchen and Dining Room.

Do you have chairs that are ripped, stained, and abused? Don't you wish changing them wasn't as complicated as having them reupholstered? Well, then it's time you heard about EZ Covers™. EZ Covers are chair covers that you can slip over your existing upholstery in 5 minutes or less. That means you can get your chairs looking brand new in 5 minutes or less. No more bringing it to the reupholster shop and no spending excessively. Whether it is for you dining room chairs, living room seats, kitchen chairs or even bar stools, EZ Covers can easily slip over your tired upholstery in minutes and revive them to presentable splendor. If you thought that was already what makes easy covers a cheap solution to upholstery problems, just think of the time and money you will save because of the hassle free maintenance of EZ Covers. When they get dirty, all you have to do is toss them in the washing machine, and they come back clean as new so your chairs will always be looking good. Purchase a set of EZ Covers today, in a color scheme of your choice. Or purchase several sets and rotate them to fit the seasons, the trends or your moods. EZ Covers are just what you needed to give your home a seating make over so get some today.

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