EZ Moves - Move Your Furniture With Ease With This Peerless Furniture Moving System

Whether it is to rearrange your living room, or clean up under the china cupboard, the EZ Moves™ Furniture Moving System is your best solution to the tough job of lifting and moving furniture. No more heavy lifting. No more calling in everybody to help out. No more strained back or pulled muscles - Just EZ Moves.Moving furniture with EZ Moves tools is wildly easy. First, you lift up the corners of your furniture one at a time, and place an EZ Moves slider under each corner. You do the lifting by using the EZ Moves furniture lifter, which multiplies the force you use up to 10 times - that's almost like having 9 other people helping you! With the EZ Moves sliders in place, all that's left to do is to slide your furniture across the floor to where you want it. You can do it alone, without any outside help. You will be amazed at how your furniture slides across the room with just you pushing it. You can even slide your furniture across rugs and carpeting with the EZ Moves carpet sliders. Don't risk any more damage to your furniture or floorings. More importantly, avoid injuries and be able to move your furniture with ease and without help. Get the EZ Moves Furniture Moving System today and become a one person furniture mover.

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