EZ Yolk - The Amazing Suction Action Makes This the Best Egg White Separator

Are you aware that egg whites are much healthier than egg yolks? Separating the white from the yolks can be hard and messy though, but not with the EZ Yolk™ egg white separator! It helps make separating egg whites a lot easier and mess-free at the same time. Egg whites contain ample amounts of protein and virtually have no cholesterol and fat in them. Egg yolks on the other hand, contain high levels of fat and cholesterol that can have a negative impact on the body. With the EZ Yolk, you can reap the benefits of including only the egg whites on your daily diet. EZ Yolk's simple yet effective suction action quickly sucks the yolk from the white. You can even do this while the egg just got placed on the frying pan. It definitely reduces the accompanying mess that separating the yolk from the yolk through traditional methods entail. If you are into baking and making desserts, then the EZ Yolk is still perfect for you. With this, you can also easily separate the yolks for use in baking delicious cakes and other yummy pastries and deserts. The EZ Yolk is definitely a great addition to your kitchen, and will allow you to make healthy and tasty egg-based dishes and desserts fast and mess-free!

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