EzCuddle Pillow - Reviews Say This is the Only Pillow Designed Specifically for Cuddling

Cuddling your child or a loved one during a cold night is one of the best and most comforting feelings in the world. What is not comfortable however is the arm that may be trapped under the pillow or the head of the person that you are cuddling, but with the EzCuddle Pillow™, you will be able to cuddle in total comfort. The EzCuddle Pillow is specially designed with cuddling in mind, and will allow you to cuddle for long periods of time without pain on your arms. The Ez Cuddle Pillow features the patented Arm Bridge design which gives your hand some extra space under the pillow which will not put any unnecessary pressure onto it, preventing the painful and pins-and-needles feeling on your arm. Once your child or loved one falls asleep while cuddling, the Arm Bridge also allows you to easily remove your arm without disturbing the other person. A lot of reviews rate the product highly, as it not only allows for easy cuddling, but the EzCuddle Pillow also features a contour design which prevents neck and spine discomfort, allowing for truly comfortable sleep, cuddling or not. The EzCuddle Pillow also fits into all standard pillow case designs, so you do not need any specialized pillow cases for it.

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