ezEggs - Reviews say this Microwave Cooker is an Easy Way to Cook Best Eggs You Can Eat!

ezEggs™ are an amazing new addition to any kitchen. Eggs are an integral part of our diets. They are everywhere, and have often been hailed as a good part of healthy living. The ezEggs microwave cooker will help you make eating eggs even more easy and convenient, because this amazing product is designed to help you get the best out of your eggs. Do you prefer your eggs over easy? Hard Boiled? Devilled or scrambled? EzEggs can do it all! This simple microwave cooker is designed to help you cook eggs from the moment you break your eggs on the specially designed notch, up to the point you pop them out in perfectly cooked fashion. As seen on TV, ez Eggs comes complete with cooking instructions for the best egg recipes you could think of. There is even a special egg separator that works perfectly with the ezEggs and allows you to cook healthy egg white only omelettes, or is perfect for making meringue and flans. To use ez Eggs, simply crack your eggs on the specially designed notch and pour the contents into the container. Prep the eggs by adding seasoning, mixing them up for scrambling, or adding other ingredients for other recipes. After that all you have to do is put the ezEggs into the microwave and let them do the work of making the best eggs you have ever tasted. Reviews all show that ezEggs don't just make cooking eggs easy, they make delicious results, so get ezEggs today!

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