FastTrim Roller - This Paint Roller Paints Walls and Other Surfaces Without the Need for Masking

Painting is a chore that by itself is already quite difficult to do, but add the need to mask baseboards and other parts of your house that you do not want paint on makes it an even more difficult chore to do. With the FastTrim Roller™ however, masking will not be a problem anymore. The FastTrim Roller is a specially designed painting tool that allows you to accurately paint walls and ceilings without the need to mask baseboard, trips or furniture. What sets the Fast Trim Roller apart from other similar painting tools is its unique head design that combines the speed of a roller and the accuracy of an edging tool. Now you do not need to mask base boards and edges as the patented Roller Guide adds a guard between baseboards or edges and your paint roller. This allows you to easily paint your walls without fear of getting paint on your baseboards. Also, the FastTrim Roller features a rotating handle that will allow you to easily adjust the position of the roller head for easy painting over tough angles. With the FastTrim Roller, you will be saving a lot of time and hassle on your painting jobs at home.

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