Fill N Flavor - Create Delicious Cakes Complete With Cake Filling and Unique Flavors with Easy to Follow Recipes

Cakes always make for great snacks or desserts that everybody will surely love, but if you find that the cakes that you bake taste the same and you are looking for unique ways and recipes to prepare your cakes, then the Fill N Flavor™ is the perfect cooking tool for you. Want to come up with something new for the cakes that you bake? The Fill N Flavor allows you to make cakes with various flavor of cake filling that will surely catch the attention of your family and guests, with a taste that they will enjoy. With the Fill N Flavor, it is very easy to do. First, fill the Base and Tall Top Pan with your cake mix, then add the insert pan onto the middle and then bake as you would. After baking is done, remove the Insert Pan from the Tall Top Pan and fill it with whatever filling you want: fudge, pudding, ice cream or whatever you can come up with. When you are done filling, simply flip the Tall Top Pan onto the Base Pan and you now have your very own cake with special cake filling inside. You also get the Favorite Filling Idea Book along with the Fill iN Flavor, that will teach you how to make your flavor filled cakes look and taste even more delicious!

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