Fix It Wood - Protects Everything Wooden In Your House From Scratches, Whether Large or Small, Plentiful or Few

With Fix It Wood™, your home and all the wooden things you own-have a safety net. You never need worry about your wooden furniture, hardwood floors, wooden walls, et al being permanently damaged by ugly scratches. Your special wooden antique rocking chair can stay as beautiful to look at as ever. All your fine wooden things have a wonderful protection from scratches, deep or shallow, multiple or few, with Fix It Wood. You could also refer to this as the benevolent fast action scratch remover. Well, benevolent that is, to everything except for the scratch. Indeed, one can say that with Fix It Wood, the scratch has met its match, and that goes for all types of wood, too. Do you have a dining table made of white wood? A fork scratch is slashed off with Fix It Wood. What about your dark wood chest? It's okay. Whether it is a slash, gash, scratch, all that is past. And that goes for wood of any color whether surface, multiple, or plentiful. Just spray with Fix It, wipe, and watch it disappear. It repairs damage in less than 5 seconds, and you save money from calling on a repairman, too.

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