Flashlight Friends - Satisfied Reviews for these Fun Flashlight Toys with Turtle and Purple Panda Designs As Seen on TV

Are you having trouble putting your child to sleep at night because of their fear of the dark? Well now you can give them a toy that is fun to play with and is very cuddly yet at the same time, gives a soft and colorful glow in the dark with Flashlight Friends™. As seen on TV, these unique toys will surely help ease your child's fear of the darks during bedtime, making them sleep a lot earlier with a lot less hassle and effort on your part. Flashlight Friends come in a variety of designs that will surely cater to the various likes and preferences of each child. There is a turtle, penguin, dog, and even a purple panda design available. They come in very soft and huggable materials that your child will surely love to cuddle with and hug. When it gets dark and it's time for bed, all you need to do is to tap the light on the Flashlight Friends and they instantly glow. These lights don't get hot over time, making them perfect for use even if your child decides to keep the light on for the whole night. Now your child can enjoy the security of having a light on without the need to turn on the room lights or the bed side lamp, which can save you a lot of money as well. Reviews and user feedback say that Flashlight Friends are not only limited for use during bedtime, they can also be used for your child's playing or for reading as well.

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