FlavorChef - The Perfect Multi Cooker for your Kitchen

Have you found cooking to be a chore because of the many different type of cook ware you need to use in order to come up with the dishes that you and your family and friends want to enjoy? Now, you can make cooking a lot simpler and easier with the FlavorChef™, the revolutionary cooker that will replace a number of your cookware and combine their functions into just one amazing cooking tool. The FlavorChef will replace your frying pan, rice cooker, pizza maker, oven, sandwich maker and griddle. The secret to the FlavorChef's versatility is the PFOA Free Non-Stick material that coats its cooking surface. This material is so effective that not even burnt milk can stick on the surface. This feature allows the FlavorChef to cook a multitude of food including rice, pizza, make pastries and cakes, and many more. Its cooking surface is also very efficient at distributing heat equally throughout the surface, ensuring not hot spots that could easily burn your food. And because the surface is truly non-stick, cleanup is a breeze. With the FlavorChef, not only can you cook a variety of meals with ease, you also save a lot of space and reduce clutter in your kitchen!

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