Flip-It Cap - This Product Will Allow You to Get and Use All of the Contents of a Bottled Product

Items that are stored in bottles like shampoo, lotions and the like can be quite difficult to use all up, as the contents of the bottle can be quite hard to get from the bottom of the bottle, or that the contents do not go all the way through the cap, no matter how hard you try to squeeze or pump onto the bottle. If you are looking for a product that will allow you maximize the use of these bottle-stored products then the Flip-It Cap™ is the product for you. To use, simply remove the existing cap of the bottle that you want to use up, screw in an adapter onto the FlipIt Cap that will fit the bottle, attach the Flip-It Cap onto the bottle's opening and tip it over. As seen on www.getflipitcap.com, the Flip-It Cap provides a stable base that will allow the liquids to flow from the bottom of the bottle all the way to the opening of the Flip-It Cap. When you need to dispense the bottle, simply pull the valve and the contents of the bottle will just ooze out, without any mess. With the Flip-It Cap, you will be able to use practically all of the contents of the bottle that you have bought, allowing you to maximize your use of these products, and can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

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