Flip Treat - Keep Your Dog Active and Entertained for Hours with this Product

When dogs have nothing to do, they tend to lie around doing nothing which can be bad for their health, or take out their boredom on the different parts of your home which will definitely be a headache for you. If you are looking for a product that will keep your dog happy and entertained, then the Flip Treat™ is the product that you will definitely want to get. Flip Treat is really easy to use. First, open up the product and then fill it with dog treats. Then, simply close the lid and then give the product to your dog. As seen on www.fliptreat.com, Flip Treat features two small holes, and that every time your dog flips the product, there is a chance that a dog treat will fall off. This mechanism will definitely keep your dog playing with the product, and will certainly help keep your dog active at all times. Also, what’s great about the Flip Treat is that it is made out of tough, plastic material. What this means is that your dog can play with Flip Treat continuously for hours on end, and it won’t get damaged. With Flip Treat, you will be able to give your pet a toy that will definitely keep it active and that you are guaranteed that the toy will last you for the long term.

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