Flipeez - The Most Unique and Fun Animal Hats You Can Buy For your Child

Does your child love to play and cuddle up with stuffed animals? If your child really loves to play with them, then he or she will love Flipeez™ for sure. Flipeez are cute and fun-to-play-with animal hats that your child will really love to wear. Flipeez come in 7 different designs which includes a monkey, kitten, owl, puppy rabbit, raccoon, and even a monster. They have happy looking and extremely colorful designs that your child will really love. Not only are they fun to look at, but these Flipeez also feature super soft fleece lining, making them adequately warm and extremely comfortable to wear. The best thing about Flipeez does not end there though. Once your child puts them on, all he or she needs to do is to squeeze the puff ball in the tassle and be amazed as the Flipeez flap their wings or wiggle their ears. Your child will be pleasantly surprise and will surely wear them as much as possible. Invented by the makers of Stompeez, Flipeez can be worn by your child whenever he or she goes out on a picnic, comes with you on vacation, goes to school, or simply just to play around in the house. Flipeez make for a wonderful gift for any children, and is probably one of the most unique gifts you can buy for a child today.

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