Flippin Floppy - Reviews say this Product Effectively Prevents Spills and Splatters While Cooking

While doing cooking, you have probably resigned to the fact that there will be spills and splatters from the pan or pots that you use to cook with. However, it is actually possible to effectively minimize if not completely reduce the problem by using the Flippin Floppy™. The product is actually very simply but highly effective. As seen on www.flippinfloppy.com, the Flippin’ Floppy is a sheet of silicone material and that to use, you basically just roll the product up to a size that fits the pan that you will be using for cooking then insert the product into the pan before you cook. The Flippin Floppy acts as an extended side guard for the pot or pan that you are cooking with and this raised edge effectively prevents the spills and splatters from getting out of the pan as you cook. This drastically reduces the mess that is created around the pan, reducing the cleanup that you need to do after cooking. Also, what a lot of reviews really love about the Flippin Floppy is that it is made from heat resistant and easily adjustable silicone material so you can use the product in whatever cooking tasks you have and place it into virtually any sized pan with utmost ease.

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