Floorzies - Reviews Say this Product is the Best Solution for Preventing Floor Scratches When Moving Pieces of Furniture

One of the most noticeable parts of a home has to be the floor, but when you move furniture or appliances inside the home, it is possible for these pieces’ respective stands to easily scratch the surface of your floor, making it look ugly and worn out, and will surely result in a lot of hassle and an expensive repair bill. If you want to protect your floor from these types of damage then you will want to add Floorzies™ to the stands of your furniture and appliances. Floorzies are stand slips that you can easily slip onto the stands of your furniture and appliances and acts as a protective layer between the bottom of the stand and the floor, preventing damage. Not only is Floorzies very easy to apply onto stands without the need for adhesives, but it is also made of durable poly-vinyl material as well as woven fibers that provide adequate protection for your floors when moving pieces of furniture. Floorzies also come in two different sizes, allowing the product to fit in different sizes and shapes of furniture stands. Not only does Floorzies prevent the scratching of wooden, marble, concrete or tiled floors, but reviews also love that the woven fibers of Floorzies makes it very easy to move even heavy pieces of furniture as they simply glide on the floor surface with ease.

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