Flower Power Mat - With This Lovely Seed Mat You Can Have The Garden of Your Dreams

The Flower Power Mat™ can spare you the back aches and time spent from fixing your garden one plant at a time. What would you do if you could have the garden of your dreams without the mess? With Gardeners' Choice instant Flower Power Mat the work is mostly done for you. This is actually a seed mat with more flowers than you imagined existed. Inside the mat are the seeds of cosmos, larkspurs, rockets, pinks, sweet Williams, verbena, moss, strawflower, marigold, French varieties, zinnias, and alyssum, to name a few. You simply have to place this 10-foot mat where you would like it to be in your garden, cover the Flower Power Mat with soil, and water. Soon, your garden will grow, and bloom all summer long. And to think this was done with no stress, no mess, and costing so much less. Now you need not worry about having the veritable green thumb to have a gorgeous garden. All you need is the Flower Power Mat. Even better, you can cut up the mat to the size you desire, and place it in pots, or in different parts of the garden and have the same, beautiful, flowery garden of your dreams. After all, we all deserve a garden of dreams.

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