Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks - Review this Innovate Way to Eliminate Bad Odors in the Home. From Joy Mangano

You've tried lots of ways to get rid of bad smells and foul odors in your home: messy oils, boxes that need to be plugged in an outlet, and all kinds of aerosol sprays. Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks™ is the better alternative to remove nasty smells from any room. This is because Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks eliminates and neutralizes odors from a room instead of just masking them or covering them up. They absorb odors like a sponge absorbs water. And Fresh Sticks keep on working for a full two years, which is a lot longer than those other solutions you have tried. This product is ideal for any room in your house, including the bathroom and the kitchen. This is the best way to remove odors from smoking, pets, and musty rooms. Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks are made from all natural plant based material, which makes them safer than harsh chemical formulas. They give off a subtle and pleasant aroma inspired by world-famous fragrance house Givaudan. Review the two scents available: Golden Vanilla , which gives off an aroma of vanilla bean and citrus; and Cool Linen Breeze, which exudes the smell of berry and cotton blossom. Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks have a attractive design (orange for Golden Vanilla and blue for Cool Linen Breeze) which will make them a welcome addition to your home decor. This product is endorsed by home products inventor Joy Mangano and has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Also available is the Fridge Box, which uses same deodorizing technology to eliminate refrigerator odors.

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