Forever Lazy - One-Piece Hooded Adult Fleece Pajamas Provide Warm Comfort for Men and for Women

The Forever Lazy® pajamas are one-piece is like a wearable blanket that fits your body perfectly. On cold days, wrestling with blankets and finding one that fits you perfectly can be a chore...and a traditional blaket will never cover your entire body. Great for men and for women, Forever Lazy is the 'onesie' pajamas, but made for adults! With Forever Lazy, your hands and feet are free so you can talk on the phone, do knitting, read a book, do homework, or lots of other activities. (If you want the feel of traditional footed pajamas, however, a fleece footie pair is available when you order Forever Lazy, so you can be truly warm from head to toe!) Forever Lazy is made of ultra soft, breathable anti-pill polar fleece. It is oversized for that baggy comfortable pajama feeling you love. These sturdy pajamas are hooded and can be worn indoors or outdoors. Zippered hatches in front and back for easy access during bathroom breaks to ensure convenience. The Forever Lazy is available in three attractive colors that fit your tastes: gray, navy, and pink. Whether you're are a man or woman, adult or child, you can choose the perfect size for you: extra small/small (XS/S); medium (M); or large/extra large (X/XL). Keep your body warm this winter, from head to toe, indoors or out, with a warm, comfortable fleece hug.

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