Freeze Sleeve - Maximize Performance from Your Arm with This Product

If you tend to get active throughout your day, then it is very likely that you are using your arms a lot. If you notice that your arms tend to tension up and hurt, then the Freeze Sleeve™ is a product that will most definitely interest you. As seen on, the FreezeSleeve is a product that you can insert through your arm. Once in place, the Freeze Sleeve provides extra compression and support to the muscles under it. This helps to prevent and also minimize the pain and discomfort that you feel. To provide you with even more comfort, inside the Freeze Sleeve is a special gel formula that can provide a cooling effect to your muscles. Simply place the Freeze Sleeve inside the freezer for a minimum of two hours before use. When using the Freeze Sleeve cold, your muscles will be able to experience a cooling sensation which will most definitely give it more comfort and pain relief as well. What's great about the Freeze Sleeve is that it is not just for the arms but can also be used for the lower leg, which makes the product really nice to have if you are living a truly active lifestyle.

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