Freezy Breezy - The Best Add-on to Your Room's Cooling Fan or Blower

Do you want to beat the heat in your room but do not have air conditioning and instead you only have a cooling fan or blower to help keep you cool? Add the Freezy Breezy™ to your existing fan for a much cooler experience. This unique fan add-on transforms any regular circular fan into a cold air blowing machine. The Freezy Breezy is very easy to use. In order to keep it cold, all you need to do is store the Freezy Breezy inside your freezer. When it gets hot and you need a cold blast of air, all you need to do is take out the Freezy Breezy from the freezer, attach it over the case of your fan or blower, and be prepared for an ice cold blast of air! As seen on, the Freezy Breezy will allow you to get cool air wherever you may be, whether you are inside your room, in your workspace, the garage, or anywhere you can plug your fan in. The Freezy Breezy will also save you hundreds of dollars in air conditioning bills, making it a very practical item a well. So for a very easy to use and economical cooling solution for those hot days, the Freezy Breezy is the coolest product to get.

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