Fun Loom - The Accessory Kit for Your Child to Create Unique Bracelets and Patterns Using Rainbow Bands

Do you like to give your child various accessories in order for him or her to stand out, but find that the same old accessories are starting to get boring fast? Get the Fun Loom™ instead! With it you can create unique and colorful looking bracelets that come in various patterns with ease. The Fun Loom's loom board will make it very easy to create fun bracelets with various colors that even your child can do it. Along with the loom board, you also get 1,000 colorful rainbow bands that will allow you and your child to create unique designs and patterns with your imagination being the only limit. With the FunLoom, not only can you create amazing looking bracelets but you can also create rings, hair ties, anklets, belts and many more. If you are tired of your Fun Loom creation, it is so easy to take your creations apart and come up with a new one. The rainbow bands are made out of 100% silicone, so they have bright colors that do not fade, and they do not break easily as well. So if unique accessories for your child are what you are looking for, then the Fun Loom is perfect, and you and your child are guaranteed to have fun coming up with your very own accessories.

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