Gecko Toes - Reviews say this Storage Product Keep Your Garden Hose Looking Neat and Easy to Reach

The garden hose is one of the most important cleaning tools that an individual can have as it is great for cleaning the outdoor parts of the house but the problem is that the garden hose, due to its length and weight, can be quite difficult to store properly after use. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily store your garden hose then Gecko Toes™ is definitely the product for you. To use, all you need to do is to drill through the necessary holes for the GeckoToes and secure it to any surface using the included mounting screws. What's great about Gecko Toes is that it gives you all the benefits of a reel without the hassle of having to use a crank. As seen on, with the Gecko Toes, you simply just insert your garden hose one part at a time into the product which will allow it effectively separate your hose into different sections while mounted. This gives your hose a much more neat and easy-to-the-eyes appearance when mounted on the Gecko Toes. Reviews also love that when you need to use your hose while mounted on the Gecko Toes, all you need to do is to just remove the garden hose tip and then pull on it like you usually would. Doing so will automatically unclip each section of your hose which helps prevents tangles and kinks.

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