Genie Bra Classic - Reviews say this Bra Gives You the Utmost in Comfort and Support

Women use bras in order to provide support to their breast area but the problem is that a lot of bras are quite uncomfortable to use and can also introduce unsightly lines and bulges under clothing. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional bra but without the said problems then the Genie Bra Classic™ is the product that you will definitely want to use. The problem with a lot of bras is that they use a lot of tight straps, wires and padding which can make wearing this piece of underwear quite uncomfortable, especially for multiple hours. As seen on, the GenieBra Classic solves this problem by going the alternative route. This product is wireless and seamless and instead uses soft and smooth yet at the same time curve-hugging, compression fabric that is able to provide a woman's breast area with great support without compromising on comfort. The Genie Bra Classic features 3 major support areas which includes the Bust, Back and Side Zones which provide a more superior feeling of support compared to conventional bras in the market. Also, what's great about the Genie Bra Classic is that since it doesn't have conventional wires and straps, the bra does not introduce the look of bulges and creases under clothing. Reviews really love this as this gives users a smoother and sexier look that other people will surely notice and appreciate.

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