Genie Bra - Reviews say this Bra Provides Both Comfort and Support for Any Cup Size

So many women struggle to find the perfect bra, one that fits right while also being comfortable. The Genie Bra™ is the product you have been looking for. The Genie Bra provides support for your bust while also being extremely comfy to wear. This is because the GenieBra is completely seamless, which means you will not have to struggle with straps, deal with bulky clips or have wires digging into your skin. Yet feeling good doesn't mean giving up bustline support. The conform fitting Genie Bra lifts and separates; it bulging and back fat so that you will look better in your clothes. The secret is the Genie Bra wide comfort lift band, which provides support with rolling. Finding the perfect sized Genie Bra is easy too: simply use your shirt size and match it to the Genie Bra size. As seen on the infomercial with Stella Riches and Jane Denoble, Genie Bra supports figures ranging from petite to full-figured. You can also use the product as the perfect camisole to make many of your outfits appropriate to wear in the office or professional setting. Choose from nude, black, or white colors. The Genie Bra is also machine washable, and may be washed repeatedly without losing its shape. No longer do you have to choose between the comfort of a sports bra or the look of an underwire bra; reviews say the no seams Genie Bra replaces a drawer full of bras!

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