Genie Shape Skirt - Reviews Say this Skirt is Very Comfortable and Will Help to Shape Your Lower Body As Well

Do you love to wear a variety of skirt types and designs on a regular basis and you are looking for a denim skirt that is comfortable to use? The Genie Shape Skirt™ is the product that you should get then. The Genie Shape Skirt features 3 different layers which makes it such an awesome skirt to use. The bottom layer is a specially designed layer of fabric that is very soft, making it very comfortable even when it comes into contact with the skin. The second layer of the Genie ShapeSkirt is made from compression fabric which provides gentle compression to the user's lower body. As seen on, this helps to tone and firm up the lower tummy area as well as the user's derriere and will give the user a sexier appearance. Probably one of the features that users of the Genie Shape Skirt love best is that the upper layer features a soft fabric yet features a photo-realistic 3-D Layer that gives the skirt its authentic denim look. This means that the Genie Shape Skirt will be able to give users all the comfort and compression that they want from high quality shape wear but without compromising on the look or versatility that denim skirts can give.

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