Genie Zip Bra - Revolutionizing the Traditional Bra Design with Just a Zipper

No matter how much a bra claims to be comfortable, its straps and underwire will still give you some discomfort after some time. So why put up with this inconvenience when the Genie Zip Bra™ can give you total comfort? The Genie Zip Bra incorporates a number of innovations to the traditional bra design that totally sets it apart from the rest. First, there is the bra's front zip, which makes it very easy for you to put on and take off the bra without having to struggle with straps, hooks and clips. Instead of the thin strap at the shoulder area which can dig in to your skin over time, GenieZip Bra features a wide yet thin strap with memory foam in order to prevent the strap from digging in to your skin while still providing maximum support. It also features everlast comfort stretch fabric that not only provides adequate support to the bust and underarm area, but is also extremely soft and breathable, giving you maximum comfort and flexibility that you will not even notice you are actually wearing a bra. With the Genie Zip Bra, you can ditch your old, traditional bras and go with a bra that is convenient to use as it is extremely comfortable.

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