Genius Cone Lid - Reviews say this Product Will Help Cook Faster and Minimize Mess Too

Do you hate it that there are a lot of splatters and spills around your stove or cooking area when you cook your food? The Genius Cone Lid™ is the perfect solution to this problem. The product is a cooking lid with a simple yet truly innovative design. It features a clear glass material in a cone design with a hole on top and a stainless steel ring on the bottom. A lot of reviews really praise this design as this achieves a number of things. As seen on, the glass lid allows for easy checking of your food so users will have a good visual idea regarding how well the food is cooked. The steel ring bottom allows the Genius Cone Lid to work with virtually all types of pots and pans that you may have. The cone design with a hole on top will allow you to add ingredients to the pan while cooking but without the splatters and the mess. Also, it prevents steam buildup by having a chimney effect which further reduces the chances of splatter yet at the same time helps to preserve some of the heat above food. With the Genius Cone Lid, you will most certainly have a faster and less messy cooking experience.

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