Giant Cookie Cake Pans - Mix It Up With Your Favorite Recipe and Bake A Cake-like Cookie or Cookie-like Cake

Imagine baking a cake that looks exactly like two giant, 9 inch cookies, filled with icing of your favorite flavor bursting from the middle. Does it have chocolate cookies and rich vanilla filling? Or is it two speckled chocolate chip cookies with a thick dark chocolate center? Whatever your cake or cookie craving, the Giant Cookie Cake Pans™ are for you. These two 9 inch pans feature an iconic design, complete with the word "COOKIE" on one to make the perfect cake that looks like a cookie. These professional-weight carbon steel pans are perfect for evenly baking cake, and are non-stick for ease of use. Use any cake mix you like and make exciting new recipes with these unique cake pans. Just think of the possible combinations of mixing up flavors for the top cookie, filling and bottom cookie. Better yet, imagine the smiles and delighted sighs of those who will be amazed time and again by the cakes you bake with the Giant Cookie Cake Pans. Get Giant Cookie Cake Pans for your kids, for your grandchildren, for your parties, or for entertaining. Get them for just yourself and your very own cake cravings. Get the Giant Cookie Cake Pans and rediscover the joys of cake or cookies or both!

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