Glow N Go - Enjoy Maximum Visibility and Improved Safety when Walking Your Dog with this Product

Walking your dog is an activity that is not only healthy for your pet but for you as well but the fact is that walking your dog, especially at night, can expose you to the risk for accidents. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to be much safer when walking your dog, then Glow N Go™ is the product for you to get. As seen on, the GlowNGo leash is specially designed to ensure that you are as visible as possible when walking your beloved pet. The product features a stretch reflective material which makes you and your pet up to 10x more visible even when walking at night. Also, notable is that the Glow N Go features a storage pocket included in its design. This is an ideal place where you can store water bottles, pet waste plastic containers and a myriad of other small yet easy to forget objects. Also, the Glow N Go features its own key clip to attach your keys onto. You can even clip the Glow N Go Leash to your shorts or pants for hands free walking of your pet. With all these features, the Glow N Go will allow you to enjoy your dog walking experience even more.

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