Glow to Bed Friends - Stuffed Animals That Make It Easy For You to Put Your Child to Sleep During Bed Time

Are you having a lot of trouble putting your child to sleep when it's time for bed? With the help of Glow to Bed Friends™, you won't have to go through this problem again. Glow to Bed Friends are cute looking and colorful stuffed animals that your child will surely love to have on the bed to hug as he or she goes to sleep. What makes the Glow to Bed Friends special is that your child can actually draw on them, with light! The included light wand allows your child to draw glow in the dark doodles onto the Glow to Bed Friends. Your child can write the letters of the alphabet, numbers, or just about anything your child wants to draw onto their Glow to Bed Friends. Your child's drawings on these stuffed animals glow in the dark, a sight that your child will surely enjoy. These stuffed animals also come in a number of different cute and cuddly designs including a bear, a puppy, a unicorn and many more. Now, you do not need to spend a lot of time chasing your child around the house when it is time to sleep. With the Glow to Bed Friends, your child will actually look forward to bed time.

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