Go Kitty - Reviews Say This is the Best Litter Box for Your Cat

Cats are definitely adorable pets, but the litter that they leave behind can be a nightmare to deal with. If you are looking for a litter box that will make it easy for you to clean up with the odor and the mess then the Go Kitty™ is the product for you. This product does not require that you use litter to cover up the box. Instead, the Go Kitty utilizes absorbent pads that are highly absorbent and antibacterial as well. Once your cat has used the pad of the GoKitty, all you need is to remove it and dispose of it properly. What's great is that these pads do not leak and cut odors making them very easy to dispose. The pads are also biodegradable, meaning they are safe for the environment when they are disposed. A lot of cat lovers also love the Go Kitty as it makes caring for their cat and cleaning after them much easier to do. The pheromone infused pads of the Go Kitty ensures that the cats will pee and leave their poo only on the mess, which effectively reduces the mess around the house. The Go Kitty is perfect if you live in a small house, an apartment or a condominium unit, and should make life easier for both you and your pet cat.

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