GoGo Pillow - The Best Holder for Hands-Free Use of Your Tablet Computer

The GoGo Pillow™ is the perfect holder to go along with your tablet computer. Tablet sizes range from small and stout to wide and bulky models, making them a bit of a hassle to bring around. The GoGo Pillow is a very simple product that solves the hassles of bringing your tablet computer around with you. Thanks to its patented multi-slot design, you can use the GoGo Pillow for a wide range of tablet designs while ensuring that they are secured and protected inside the holder. Its thick padding also gives adequate cushioning for your device. Do you need to go out with your tablet, but do not feel like bringing along a handbag with you? The GoGo Pillow has got you covered! Not only is it a holder, but the straps attached to it make it a backpack at the same time! The straps can also be attached to different surfaces like hooks, door knobs and many more, making the GoGo Pillow a stand and effectively freeing your hand from the need to hold the tablet in place. This nifty feature allows you to do more things along with using your mobile device! But the features do not stop there! When your tablet is not in use, you can easily fold the GoGo Pillow into a travel pillow making it perfect for those of you who are always on the go! If you are a techie looking for practical protection for your tablet computer or somebody who loves to bring a tablet around on your travels, then the GoGo Pillow is the best add-on that you can add to your arsenal of tablet accessories.

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