GoJo Hands Free - Handsfree Device Quickly Holds Your Cell Phone for You in the Car, Unlike Headsets and Bluetooth Earpieces.

The GoJo Hands Free™ device is the solution for cell phone users who want to use their phone on the go. The GoJo Hands Free is a truly hands free way to use your mobile phone because it holds the phone itself for you. Other solutions for handsfree phone use have been cumbersome and not practical: Headsets with a microphone can be time consuming to put on; a bluetooth earpiece needs to be kept charged; ear buds can be unsanitary and are not legal for driving a car when placed in both ears; putting your cell phone on speakerphone prevents the phone from moving with you. The GoJo device goes on your head in just one second, and you only need one hand to put it on, which is perfect when you need to use your phone in a moving car. The GoJo Hands Free attaches to your phone using a high density suction cup that is strong enough to keep your phone secure during any kind of movement. It is also powerful enough to hold any type of phone in place, including smartphones, flip phones, cordless phones, and land lines. In fact, the Go Jo Hands Free can even hold a 5 pound laptop computer! Your phone will come off the GoJo as easily as it came on. This device contains no wires, needs no batteries, and never has to be charged.

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