GoPro PowerBlaster - Reviews Say this Product Makes it Very Easy to Effectively Clean the Car and Outdoor Surfaces

Washing the car and the exterior surface of your home can be difficult if you only use your conventional garden hose and regular taps water pressure. With the GoPro PowerBlaster™ however, such cleaning tasks will be made a whole lot easier. The GoPro PowerBlaster is a garden hose attachment that will allow you to get more power from your garden hose, which should make washing the car and cleaning the exterior of the house easy and convenient. The PowerBlaster features the Rotary Gear Wash Head that allows the regular hose pressure to spin the gears inside the Wash Head, providing more power to your hose. At the same time, the natural hose pressure also spins the microfiber fingers of the Go Pro PowerBlaster, which should make cleaning even the dirtiest surfaces very easy. Reviews not only love the amazing cleaning prowess of the PowerBlaster but at the same time really like how versatile it is. The Power Blaster features a soap dispenser which makes it very easy for you to apply cleaning soap onto the surfaces that you are cleaning. Also, you can remove the Wash Head and the GoPro PowerBlaster transforms into a pressure washer which you can use for general cleaning and gardening tasks around your house.

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