Greenwave Cooker - Prepare Delicious and Perfectly Cooked Meals with Your Microwave and this Amazing Cooking Set

Have you always thought that your microwave is just used for heating leftover food and is useless for cooking? Greenwave Cooker™ will change all that. It is a special cooking set designed to seamlessly work with your microwave and will allow you to perfectly cook delicious meals with ease. Greenwave Cooker features cyclone technology that utilizes steam in order for the heat to envelope your food, cooking it evenly in a short period of time. The Greenwave Cooker is very simple to use. All you need to do is to put a little water into the Greenwave Cooker tray, add your desired spices, cover it with the included lid, pop it into your microwave and you are ready to cook. In just a few minutes, your food will come out perfectly cooked without burning, thanks to the steam circulating around the food, thoroughly cooking it while taking a lot less time to finish. Not only does the Greenwave Cooker speed up cooking time, it also locks in all of the natural juices and flavor of the food without the need to use oil, making your meals taste incredibly delicious while at the same time are very healthy dishes as well.

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