GripGo - The Best Universal Phone Car Mount Holder That Is Usable For Any Device

If you have a hard time keeping track of your phone while you are in the car, then you need a car mount. But you shouldn't get just any car mount, you need the best one out there, and that is GripGo™. Why is GripGo the best phone car mount available today? Grip Go is the best because it is universal. Other car mounts feature a bracket holder that cannot be used with absolutely any phone out there, but the GripGo is guaranteed to work with any model you have, and will stay useful, even if you change your phone every month! The Grip Go works like this because it is a holder that uses a special gripping mount that immediately takes hold of your phone as soon as you attach it. That means its more convenient than a bracket that you have to adjust or clamp. It also means that putting the phone on, or removing it from the mount is easier than other car mounts. Don't worry though, its grip is so smart that even shaking the GripGo vigorously will not dislodge your phone, only you taking it out will remove it. With the GripGo's full range of motion, you can easily position the phone to face you, no matter what phone and vehicle combination you have, increasing your safety by making it easier for you to take calls and be aware of your phone while on the move. Get a GripGo today!

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