H2O Mop X5 - Get Cutting Edge Cleaning Technology with this Steamer and Microfiber Pads Combo

The H2O Mop X5™ is a must have cleaning machine for every home. Utilizing cutting edge microfiber pads and steam technology, it can clean practically any surface in your home. You can use it to mop floors - wooden, marble, tile, laminate, virtually all kinds! You can also use it to clean your carpet, removing stains and odors, as well as undetectable bacteria. A few clicks and twists allow you to transform your H20 Mop X5 into a hand-held steamer that can clean your sink, and other surfaces around the house. Its variable settings allow you to clear our simple dirt to caked on gunk that may seem impossible to get out. Special attachments also allow you to make the H20 Mop X5 transform into the perfect glass cleaner, which you can use on windows and mirror. It can also become a dusting wand, which is perfect for blinds, banisters or furniture. What's more is that the H20 Mop X5 can transformed into a garment steamer, which removes wrinkles and odors and saves you from ironing time. The best thing about this do-it-all cleaning tool is that it is completely chemical free, and uses only water so you know it's safe for you, your furniture, and most importantly, your family. Get the H20 Mop X5 today and experience the complete clean that many have been talking about in reviews and testimonials.

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