H2O Mop - H2O Mop Is Steam Powered Mop By Thane, That Cleans Spots From Spilled Food, Drinks And More.

Dirty Floors detract from a beautiful home. Pets, spills, food, and dirt all have an adverse effect on rugs, vinyl, marble or slate. And what do we use to clean our floors? A mop that does little more than to spread dirt and germs around on the floor! Up until now, these mops may have been our best option for cleaning floors; but now there is another option - the H2O Mop™. Unlike traditional mops, or even new spray mops, the H2O Mop uses steam to clean floors, not harsh chemicals. This leaves your floors truly clean and free of chemicals AND germs. The lightweight steam powered mop is super easy to use, getting into tight corners easily thanks to its dynamic arrow swivel head design. When you've got such an easy way to clean your floors effectively, there's no need to keep that old mop around! Constructed by Thane with professional grade materials and durable high pressure steam compression chamber, the H2O is more than just a mop, it is an all around floor cleaner. Steam is pushed from the compression chamber at a rate of 1500 Watts. This steam breaks down dirt, even that which has settled into pores on flooring such as vinyl or wood. While the steam breaks up dirt particles, the microfiber pad scrubs dirt away from the floor, trapping it in the pad. After your floors are amazingly clean, all you have to do is toss the pad in the wash and it will come out clean and ready to use. The washable microfiber pad is so absorbent that floors are dried as soon as they are cleaned. This makes the H2O Mop perfect for all flooring types, from linoleum to sealed hardwood! And the work doesn't stop there. The powerful H2O mop can also effectively clean up spots from spilled food or drinks, and high traffic areas of carpet. With the H2O Mop, you get more than just a mop, you get an all-in-one floor cleaner.

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