Handi Shield - Keep Your Disabled/Handicapped Parking Placard in Sight and Protected from Damage as Well

Parking placards are very helpful for ensuring that you will have a convenient time parking and can also allow you to easily park at disabled zones if you have some form of disability but the problem is that most parking pass holders and similar items can be flimsy and prone to breakage and can even contribute to damaging your parking pass. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily keep your parking passes visible and at the same time protect them from damage then Handi Shield™ is the product for you to purchase. To use, all that you will need to do is to slide the parking pass into the HandiShield and the hook it onto your rear view mirror. As seen on www.handishield.com, the product features a crystal clear surface so it is guaranteed that your parking pass will easily be seen. Aside from providing maximum visibility, Handi Shield also protects your parking pass from moisture and from melting due to the intense heat inside your car when left out in the open. This should ensure that your parking passes will always be in great, easy to read and understand condition and should help to prevent a wide variety of hassles that you may experience when you park.

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