HangIt 123 - Make Hanging Picture Frames on Your Wall Easy All the Time

Do you love to hang picture frames with photographs or paintings on your wall, but you just cannot get to hang the picture frames straight, making it look distracting and extremely annoying? HangIt 123™ is the solution to your problem. It is a simple yet effective solution to eliminate all of the guesswork from hanging picture frames onto walls, and with it, you will get perfectly straight picture frames that will make them look even more beautiful when on the wall. To use, all you need to do is to attach Hang It 123 FrameClipz on the back of the top portion of the picture frame that you will like to hang. Once you are done, position and level the frame onto the wall that you wish to hang it to using a straight measuring tool and once you are satisfied with the position, simply push the top rung of the frame against the wall, and the FrameClipz at the back should mark the area of the wall where you will need to drive a nail through. Then simply pound a nail into the respective indentations to get the perfect mounting point. Then, take a pen, insert it into the FrameClipz and break away the detachable pieces, and hang the picture frame on the nails you have just pounded through the wall. Reviews love that HangIt 123 makes positioning picture frames an accurate job, ensuring that picture frames or photos being hanged are perfectly straight, making them look the best decorations they can be.

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