Hangman Door Alarm - The Portable and Reliable Home Security System

In this day and age, where you see burglaries and other crimes happening in many homes and hotel rooms all over the world, home security has become a very important part of everyday living but unfortunately, setting up a home security system is not only expensive, but can get very complicated as well. If you want to add more security to your house and give you a peace of mind, the Hangman Door Alarm™ is the portable yet reliable home security system that you can easily setup and comes with a more practical price tag. It's really very to setup. All you need to do is attach the hangman Door Alarm onto any door knob in your home. Once the door alarm has been switched on, its ultra-sensitive motion sensors are activated. Once an intrusion onto the door is detected, the Hangman Door Alarm activates and gives an alarm, alerting you of the presence of an intruder and deterring the intruding from continuing the break-in. The Hangman Door Alarm gives a very loud, 130 decibel alarm that will surely alert you of the intruder as well as catch the intruder off guard. The Hangman Door Alarm can be used with any doorknob whether it's in your house, the office, or a hotel room. The Hangman Door Alarm is truly a practical yet effective security tool for your home.

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