Hans Swipe - The Best Way to Keep Modern Mobile Gadgets Looking Clean and Germ Free

Most of the popular mobile devices today are touch screen based and that it should be expected that due to regular use and touching of the screens of these devices, grease, dust, sweat and other chemicals can stick and stay onto the screen, which not only makes it look dull, but can also be a great breeding ground for harmful bacteria. To solve this potentially health-threatening problem, the Hans Swipe™ is the perfect solution. It is a cleaning tool specially designed with mobile devices, laptop screens and the like in mind, and should allow cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces of the devices that you are using. To use, all you need to do is pop off the cap on the microfiber cleaning side of the tool and swipe it onto the surface of the device that you want to clean in order to cut through the grease and dirt build up. Once done you can then pop off the cap on the polishing side of the tool in order to polish and make the surface look like new again. With the Hans Swipe, not only is maintaining smartphones, laptop computers and the like much easier than ever before; you can easily keep them bacteria free as well.

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