Happy Nappers - Your Kids Will Love these Stuffed Animal Pets that are Soft as a Pillow

Happy Nappers® are bringing sweet dreams to children everywhere! Is that a castle your child is dreaming on? Or a happy bungalow home that's much like your own? Is he dreaming of a tropical hut adventure? Is she dreaming of a play land palace adventure? Whatever your child is into, there is a Happy Napper for him or her. Happy Nappers are the perfect play pillows for children of all ages. Made from the most cuddly soft material, ideal for hugging, cuddling, snuggling, and napping, these amazing pillows have something special inside them - the perfect pets to play with! Each Happy Nappers pillow has a special door that you just have to zip open to reveal the perfect pet that lives inside. Transform his castle into a dragon. Transform the doghouse into a puppy. Transform the tropical hut into a monkey. Each Happy Nappers pillow is also a cuddly pet that your child can play with. This makes them the perfect all day companions to make them feel safe and help them have tons and tons of fun! Whether your child would like a bumblebee, a dog, a unicorn, a penguin, a dragon, or even a monkey, there is a Happy Nappers pillow for anybody! And when the day is done, all your child has to do is pop their pet back into a pillow, and they're all ready to rest for another day of fun. Get your very own Happy Nappers today!

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