Happy Toezy Friends - Keep Your Child's Toes Warm and Look Cute as Well With this Product

During the cold, winter months, your child will definitely love to use winter slippers inside the house for maximum warmth. If you are looking for such a product that will not only provide warmth to your child but will also have a fun and cute look to them then Happy Toezy Friends™ are what you will want to get for your child. Probably the first thing that your child will notice about the Happy Toezy Friends is that they have a cute and colorful design to them. This will make your child really love to wear this product even just on looks alone. As seen on www.happytoezyfriends.com, the Happy Toezy Friends are not all looks however. They feature a cutely designed treat pack for the slippers which contains all-natural flaxseed. All you need to do is to heat the treat pack in the microwave as instructed then unzip the mouth area of the Happy Toezy Friends, insert the treat pack and zip the mouth area closed. The heated treat pack will provide additional heat to the already soft and cozy feeling Happy Toezy Friends which will give your child the utmost in comfort and warmth that will make sure that your child feels great and comfortable despite the winter cold.

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