HD Mirror Cam - Reviews Say this is One of the Sleekest and Most Practical Dash Cams in the Market Today

Driving can be fun and exciting but it can also put you at risk for accidents, some of which may not actually be your fault. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to record footage of the road while you are driving then the HD Mirror Cam™ is one of the best that you can get today. Most dash cameras available on the market today require you to mount a separate camera unit which can be quite difficult to fiddle with and can even cause you to get a ticket for driving with an obstructed view. As seen on www.hdmirrorcam.com, this is not the problem with the HD Mirror Cam however as the camera is embedded in a wide rear view mirror that is attached onto your car's existing mirror. Reviews really love this design as this does not necessitate having a separate camera unit on your dash board, which means no obstructions to your view. Also, this gives you a rear view mirror that is wider for improved rear visibility. Aside from the full 1080p recording, a built in rechargeable battery and micro SD card support, the HD Mirror Cam also features an embedded 2.5-inch screen in the mirror area of the product which will allow you to instantly review footage when needed.

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