Heat Surge Mini Glo - Many Reviews Say this Portable Electric Heater with LED Fireplace Stands Out from the Rest

The winter months bring with them high home heating costs. If you are looking for a powerful electric heater that will allow you to save on heating bills, then the Heat Surge Mini Glo® is the heater for you. It is a portable electric heater that is compact yet still powerful even for its small size. The HeatSurge Mini Glo features a powerful hi-tech heat turbine that produces 3685 BTU's of heat with relatively low power consumption. This is powerful enough to efficiently heat a single room despite the cold weather. You can also transport the Heat Surge Mini Glo around the house because not only is it compact in size compared to traditional heaters, it also features wheels so transferring it from room to room is a breeze. But it is not only a powerful heating device; it also makes for a great centerpiece as well. Real Amish craftsmanship goes into each and every Mini Glo, and it comes in a dark oak finish that gives it class and elegance. It also features Fireless Flame technology that give the Mini Glo an LED powered flame flicker to give it a fireplace feel without the fire. User reviews are enthusiastic in saying that it is one of the best heaters on the market today, as not only is it powerful, it also looks great and very portable to bring around the house, eliminating the need to heat the whole house at the same time, saving them hundreds of dollars in heating bills.

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