HeelTastic - Goes One Level Deeper Below The Skin to Resolve Cracked Heels Where the Problem Starts

HeelTastic™ is a foot balm for cracked heels that goes deeper below the skin than ordinary lotions and creams do. Does HeelTastic work? Reviews by people who have used the product-young and old, male and female, have expressed similar opinions. They say HeelTastic is soothing, and results that are seemingly miraculous can be seen within 24 hours. A powerful solution indeed, for cracked, jagged heels were once so bad that they tore at stockings or were ugly, dry, and reddened. One man said that now, there is no more embarrassment wearing sandals that reveal ugly heels, thanks to HeelTastic. This balm, which is available in many stores, not only soothes, but helps to protect the skin. What's more, it is easy to use--just glide it like a roll-on across the heels, with no mess or fuss. The inventor of HeelTastic, Melinda Clark, had heels that were so bad, they actually bled. Clark tried various lotions and creams that were available in the stores, but to no avail. She realized that these creams and lotions just lied on top of the skin-but for cracked heels, something was needed that would go deeper past the epidermis and hit right at the site where the problem begins. Clark began to test different types of ingredients, until finally she arrived at a rare blend of Neem and karanja oils which had been used for centuries by eastern civilizations to heal skin from within. These became the main ingredients of HeelTastic.

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