Helix Sentinel Drone - Reviews say this Product Gives First Person Aerial Views That You Will Find Amazing

The use of drones is really popular nowadays for a lot of videography and photography work. If you are looking for a drone that will allow you to easily see and enjoy live, first-person aerial views then the Helix Sentinel Drone™ is the product that you will definitely want to get. As seen on www.gethelixsentinel.com, the Helix Sentinel Drone features the latest in drone technology including powerful motors for efficient flight, a removable Exo-Frame for easy maintenance work as well as built in advanced obstacle avoidance sensors which allows the drone to fly freely with minimal chances of crashing onto other objects. What really makes the Helix Sentinel Drone really amazing is that the product features an onboard camera and a headset that you can slip your smartphone into. As your drone flies up in the air, it captures 720p HD video and is then streamed onto your mobile device attached to the headset. Reviews love that with this setup, you will be able to see and experience a first person view of flying which should result in a truly fun and amazing experience that will not only wow you but your friends and family as well. Also, the Helix Sentinel Drone can stream capture video to multiple devices at once, making this product a truly amazing party toy to have.

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